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My name is Vincent Oostenrijk and since 2017 I have my own agency RIJK. During my daily work I focus on creating custom branding, custom websites and I specialize in UX-UI design. RIJK Concept & Creatie is an all-in media design agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. RIJK is involved on various media fronts such as; art director, branding, ux-ui design, brand strategy and web design. The focus is on diversity. From starting entrepreneurs to large companies and organizations.


Graphic design and digital design are my daily activities. I believe that product design should be fun. Designing a brand helps to communicate and convey your message. The best thing there is to make a product according to the wishes of the customer and the user. My mission is to deliver a worthy product with which I surprise the customer and the public.

Branding Identity



User interface Design

User Experience Design

Art Direction

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