The start of the project can begin by contacting each other in the first stadium via email, telephone or Instagram. This phase is all about getting to know each other, making the first connections and gaining insight into the project and the people involved.


I always need a briefing from the customer. The briefing may consist of certain guidelines. To create the best possible framework for the project. In some cases this can be just a few images or complete mood boards or presentations. At this stage, agreements will be made about the timeline of the project, the delivery of products and the budget.


This is the stage where creativity starts to flow. With regard to the briefing, concepts are elaborated and visualized into functional designs that meet the needs of the client. This is what Rijk stands for; from concept to creation.


Rijk provides the first qualifying round. In a conceptual presentation, various design elements, images and other visual elements are explained. Each proposal is uniquely designed for the client. After viewing the proposal, the client provides feedback. If necessary, the proposal will be revised. The revision rounds are agreed in the briefing.


When you are completely satisfied with the result, RIJK will prepare and deliver all designs in any kind of file type required for your business. Welcome to the RIJK family.

Vincent Oostenrijk

Digital Designer



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