Sygic Travel App

The prevention application offers ex-patients of a depression the possibility to draw up a relapse prevention plan so that they can recognize and signal recurring signals early in order to prevent a depression.




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Project overview

Sygic is a travel app based on reviews from locals. the application offers various activities, based on interests and based on location. The user can easily select make where it is located and what it likes to visit. After visiting an activity, place and/or location, the user can leave a photo review. Based on such assessments, the application to be completed.

My Contributions

I was the only designer on this project. I was involved in everything from defining the brand to personas, interviews, creating wireframes, to creating the final UI designs and conceptualizing the platform.


The API provides global tourism and travel data available as a consumption database. More than 20 million places from all over the world are available. The places are ranked popularity among travelers. Information such as location, description, photos, entrance fees, tags and opening times are included in the API. Sygic Travel is available in 14 languages. The POIs be linked to relevant tours and activities that can be offered to end customers to generate additional revenue to earn. Tourism companies can take advantage of the Sygic Travel API by building trip planner and travel guide integrations.


After I defined the concept and various solutions and which screens we need, I started with wireframes. To better map the experience, and explore more detail on a screen-by-screen level. The main focus in the digital platform is to design the experience as good as possible.

Final UI

Below are the final screens designed for the final product. Between the wireframes and the elaboration of the concept, there is the testing part in which different designs of screens are tested for functionality. 

Vincent Oostenrijk

Digital Designer



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