113 - Recruit volunteers application

The prevention application offers ex-patients of a depression the possibility to draw up a relapse prevention plan so that they can recognize and signal recurring signals early in order to prevent a depression.




Hogeschool van Amsterdam



Project overview

113 supported people who are dealing, or have had suïcide. All those seeking help with fear, depression, or being depressed by those bodies assisted. 113 offers a listening ear for everyone who has mental problems.

My Contributions

I was the only designer on this project. I was involved in everything from defining the brand to personas, interviews, creating wireframes, to creating the final UI designs and conceptualizing the platform

Letst start with the basics!

For the project “Volunteers make it possible” the aim is to recruit volunteers for a specific action / campaign within an organization. Volunteers need to be recruited by an interactive product that can be used during events or in public spaces placed to acquire customers.

113 suicide prevention

113 online selects volunteers based on their qualities, education and situation. At the To register as a volunteer you have to answer a number of questions that are relevant to the organisation. After registration you will be selected by 113 online. Students at the Psychology training are the most wanted volunteers that 113 needs online

Target audience

The students of the Psychology program at the UvA are mainly students who are very are independent and carry a great sense of responsibility. They show initiative and are curious about new challenges. The target group is immersed love people and their behavior. They want to make a social contribution in the Psychology to help people.

Final Concept

The platform is a fictitious chat session with a person requesting help. The user can experience and experience what it is like to fulfill a position as a volunteer within the organization. The user is actively involved with the product and experiences a moving conversation with a person requesting help. The user is guided step by step through the platform to fill in a registration form as a volunteer and/or to possibly obtain more information from the organization.


After I defined the concept and various solutions and which screens we need, I started with wireframes. To better map the experience, and explore more detail on a screen-by-screen level. The main focus in the digital platform is to design the experience of a chat session as good as possible.

Final UI

Below are the final screens designed for the final product. Between the wireframes and the elaboration of the concept, there is the testing part in which different designs of screens are tested for functionality. 

Vincent Oostenrijk

Digital Designer




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